Square Weld Nuts

Square Weld Nuts

    Short Introduction:

    A weld nut is a nut suitable for welding outside the nut, generally made of weldable materials and thicker for welding

  • Size: M4-M12
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Product label: Weld Nuts, Square Weld Nuts, Galvanized Weld Nuts, Black Weld Nuts, Stainless Steel Weld Nuts

Our Strengths

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1. 20-year-old factory, large inventory, timely delivery.
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Product Description

A weld nut is a nut suitable for welding outside the nut. It is generally made of weldable materials and is thicker and suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separate parts into a whole, melting the metals at high temperature and then mixing them. After cooling together, the alloy will be added in the middle, and the internal force is the effect of molecular force, and the strength is generally greater than that of the parent body.

The experiment of welding parameters depends on the fusion size of the weld, and the welding parameters are adjusted according to the fusion size until the defects are eliminated. Of course, the quality of welding is related to the pre-welding treatment, such as dust removal, oil stains, etc.

Welding has relatively high strength and a wide range of applications, and it can be thick or thin, but due to high temperature, the connected parts will be deformed and cannot be disassembled, and some active metals cannot be welded by the usual method, such as aluminum, magnesium, etc., need shielding gas or argon Arc welding requires processing technology and precision

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Common Problem

1. Do you provide free samples?

We can provide samples for free, but do not support paying for shipping.

2. How long is your delivery time?

30 days after payment.

3. Are you a factory or a trading company?

we are factory.

4. Packaging and Shipping?

Can be packed in pallets or wooden boxes according to customer requirements.

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