Square Nut

Square Nut

    Short Introduction:

    Square nuts, hardware equipment, fastening accessories. It is square in shape and has internal threads for use with bolts. also known as square nut

  • Size: M4-M12
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Product label: Square nut, Stainless Steel square nut, Galvanized square nut, DIN557, Square welded nut

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Product Description

Square nuts refer to nut patterns designed into the very uncommon quadrilateral shape. Referring to its comparison to standard hex nuts, these nuts have a larger contact surface with the part being tightened, thus providing greater resistance in terms of resistance to loosening or tightening.
The square nut is a special nut for the national standard profile, which is used to connect various accessories on the national standard profile. It needs to be pre-stuck into the profile groove during installation.
Unlike other nuts, these are less likely to round out once loosened or tightened. Square nuts are typically one type of bolt that mates with a square head face. These nuts are found to be used with flat washers to avoid damage from sharp edges.
Square nuts are mainly used in industries such as power engineering, road traffic, and home building materials.

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We can provide samples for free, but do not support paying for shipping.

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