Hexagon Flange Head Drilling screws

Hexagon Flange Head Drilling screws

    Short Introduction:

    The drill screw is a screw with a self-tapping drill head at the front end of the screw, also called a self-drilling screw.

  • Size: Φ4.2/ Φ4.8/ Φ5.5/ Φ6.3mm
  • Length: 13mm - 200mm
  • Product Label: Hexagon head self-drilling screws, Self-drilling screws, Roofing screws, Drill tail screws, Flange head self-drilling screws
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1. 20-year-old factory, large inventory, timely delivery.

2. Strictly control the quality, ensure the qualified rate of products, and provide high-quality products.

3. Complete variety, can provide one-stop purchasing service.

Product Description

Let’s first understand what a drill tail screw is. The drill tail screw can also be called a drill tail self-tapping self-drilling screw, a drill tail screw, a self-drilling screw, a dovetail screw, and the tail of the drill tail screw is a drill tail or a pointed tail. Drilling, tapping and locking can be done directly on the setting material and base material without auxiliary processing, which can greatly save construction time.

Compared with ordinary screws, the combination of high toughness and high maintenance force will not loosen for a long time and it is safe to use. Especially in the combination of construction, construction, residential and other places, self-tapping and self-drilling screws are the best economical fasteners in terms of workability, cost and reliability.

The drill screw is a screw with a self-tapping drill head at the front end of the screw, also called a self-drilling screw.

A screw is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the oblique circular rotation and frictional force of an object to gradually fasten the mechanism of the utensil.

Screws are a general term for fasteners. There are various types of drill screws such as Φ4.2mm, Φ4.8mm, Φ5.5mm, and Φ6.3mm.

Product advantages:

The surface is galvanized, with high brightness and strong corrosion resistance.

Carburizing and tempering treatment, high surface hardness.

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Product parameters

Standard DIN, ISO, GB, BSW, ANSI, non-standard
Material Steel, Brass, Bronze, Iron, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel (201, 304, 316,)
Head type Hexagonal head
Surface Galvanized (white, black, yellow, blue), plain color, oxidized black, hot-dip galvanized. Dacromet
Size Φ4.2/ Φ4.8/ Φ5.5/ Φ6.3mm
Length 13mm - 200mm

Common Problem

1. Do you provide free samples?

We can provide samples for free, but do not support paying for shipping.

2. How long is your delivery time?

30 days after payment.

3. Are you a factory or a trading company?

we are factory.

4. Packaging and Shipping?

Can be packed in pallets or wooden boxes according to customer requirements.

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