Hex Slotted Nuts

Hex Slotted Nuts

    Short Introduction:

    Slotted nuts mainly refer to hexagonal slotted nuts, that is, slots are processed above the hexagonal nuts. It is used in conjunction with screw eye bolts and cotter pins to prevent relative rotation of the bolt and nut

  • Size: M6-M24
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Product label: Hex Slotted Nuts, Slotted Nuts, Black Slotted Nuts, Galvanized Slotted Nuts, Stainless Steel Slotted Nuts

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Product Description

Slotted nut: mainly refers to the hexagonal slotted nut, that is, the groove is processed above the hexagonal nut. It is used in conjunction with screw hole bolts and cotter pins to prevent the relative rotation of the bolts and nuts.

The function of the hexagonal slotted nut is to fix the front and rear axles of the vehicle by tightening the screws passing through the front and rear wheel axles, so that the frame and tires are fixed together. In order to prevent the hexagonal slotted nut from loosening, a cotter pin must be used to To fix the hexagonal slotted nut, the cotter pin must pass through the middle of the axle screw. Usually both ends of the axle screw need to be drilled. The diameter of the hole is determined by the width and depth of the hexagonal slotted nut. It is not clear which specification cotter pin to choose, when the selected axle screw matches the cotter pin and the hexagonal slotted nut, the nut fixes the front wheel and the frame through the axle screw, and the cotter pin passes through the hole fastener of the axle screw Hold the hexagonal slotted nut so that the hexagonal slotted nut does not loosen even when the vehicle is in motion.

Hexagonal slotted nuts are generally used in places with vibration and impact. After the nut is tightened, it needs to be equipped with a cotter pin hole and put into the cotter pin.

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