• Nylon Lock Nut

    Nylon Lock Nut

    Nylon self-locking nut is a new type of high anti-vibration and anti-loosening fastening part, which can be used in various mechanical and electrical products with a temperature of -50 to 100 °C.

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  • Flange nut

    Flange nut

    Flange nuts are mostly used in pipe connections or workpieces that need to increase the contact surface of the nut.


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  • High Strength Hex Nuts

    High Strength Hex Nuts

    High-strength nuts are suitable for friction-type high-strength bolt connections of railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower mast structures, hoisting machinery and other steel structures.

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  • T-Nut


    The eye nut is a commonly used fixing pendant in engineering. There is a threaded buckle under the nut, which can be drilled according to its different specifications and fixed by the screw hole.

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  • Eye Nuts

    Eye Nuts

    An eye nut is a part that is screwed together with a bolt or a screw for fastening. It is an original that must be used in all manufacturing machinery.

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  • Hex nuts

    Hex nuts

    A nut is a fastener with an internal thread and used in conjunction with a bolt, and a mechanical part with an internal thread and used in conjunction with a screw.

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  • Cap nut

    Cap nut

    As the name suggests, the cap nut is a hexagon nut with a cover. The function of this cover is to fasten the exposed part of the outside to prevent moisture or other corrosive substances from entering the inside to prevent rust, thereby improving itself and the connecting parts. usage time

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  • Hex long nut

    Hex long nut

    A hex long nut, also known as a union nut, is a fastener among other things that is fully threaded and designed to join two external threads, most commonly a threaded rod. There is usually a hex on the outside of the fastener so that the wrench can grip it freely

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  • Four claw nut

    Four claw nut

    Four claw nut is a common solid part, which is widely used in machinery, electronics, automobile, aerospace and other fields. Its structural feature is that there are 4 claws inside the nut, which can engage with the external thread of the threaded rod or bolt to provide a stronger connection.

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  • Square Nut

    Square Nut

    Square nuts, hardware equipment, fastening accessories. It is square in shape and has internal threads for use with bolts. also known as square nut

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  • Hex Slotted Nuts

    Hex Slotted Nuts

    Slotted nuts mainly refer to hexagonal slotted nuts, that is, slots are processed above the hexagonal nuts. It is used in conjunction with screw eye bolts and cotter pins to prevent relative rotation of the bolt and nut

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  • Square Weld Nuts

    Square Weld Nuts

    A weld nut is a nut suitable for welding outside the nut, generally made of weldable materials and thicker for welding

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