Hex nuts

Hex nuts

    Short Introduction:

    A nut is a fastener with an internal thread and used in conjunction with a bolt, and a mechanical part with an internal thread and used in conjunction with a screw.

  • Size: M3-M64
  • Material: Steel/#35/#45/40Cr/35Crmo
  • Product label: Galvanized Hex Nut, Black Hex Nut, Hex Nut Manufacturer, Stainless Steel Nut, Stainless Steel Hex Nut
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Product Description

Nuts, also known as nuts, are fasteners with internal threads and are often used in conjunction with screws, bolts, etc. to connect and tighten or transmit power.

Nuts are a kind of original that all production machinery must use. The mechanical equipment is tightly connected by the threads on the inside of it, and nuts and screws of the same specification can be connected together. Generally speaking, nuts with higher performance grades can replace nuts with lower performance grades.

GB6170 hexagon nut, also known as type 1 hexagon nut, is the most widely used. GB6170 hexagon nut product grades are divided into A and B grades. A and B grade nuts are suitable for machines, equipment and structures with small surface roughness and high precision requirements. A grade is used for D≤16MM, and B grade is used. At D>16MM.

Generally, we have to divide the fine thread nut and the coarse thread nut first, but in fact, no matter what kind of fine thread, coarse thread, their specifications are the same, their specifications are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, etc. . But there is another kind of hexagonal nut, which is divided into English and American, which is only a different national standard.

There are generally two, one is iron, that is, carbon steel. One is stainless steel, and of course there are copper and aluminum nuts, but these are rarely used. Copper is more or less useful, and nuts like aluminum are rarely used.

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Product parameters

Standard GB, DIN, BSW, UNC
Size M3-M64
Material Steel/35k/45/40Cr/35Crmo
Surface Plain, Black, Galvanized, HDG
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We can provide samples for free, but do not support paying for shipping.

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30 days after payment.

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we are factory.

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Can be packed in pallets or wooden boxes according to customer requirements.

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