Drywall Screws

Drywall Screws

    Short Introduction:

    Mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, lightweight partition walls and suspended ceiling series.


  • Size: 3.5mm/3.9mm/4.2mm/4.8mm
  • Length: 13mm-100mm
  • Product label: Black Drywall Screws, Black Phosphate Drywall Screws, Trumpet Head Screws,Phosphated Drywall Screws

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Product Description

The biggest feature of the drywall screw in appearance is the shape of the trumpet head, which is divided into double-thread fine-tooth drywall screws and single-thread coarse-tooth drywall screws. The biggest difference between the two is that the former has double threads, which are suitable for plasterboards with different thicknesses. The connection between metal joists exceeding 0.8mm, while the latter is suitable for the connection between plasterboard and wooden joists.

Drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the entire fastener product line. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, lightweight partition walls and suspended ceiling series.

Black phosphating drywall screws are the most basic product line, while blue and white zinc drywall screws are a supplement. The scope of application and purchase price of the two are basically the same. The slight difference is that black phosphating has a certain lubricity, and the attack speed (the speed of penetrating into a steel plate with a specified thickness, which is a quality assessment index) is slightly better; while blue and white zinc is slightly better in antirust effect, and The natural color of the product is light, and it is not easy to be discolored after the paint decoration.

There is almost no difference in antirust ability between blue and white zinc and yellow zinc, only due to differences in usage habits or user preferences.

The thread of the single-thread coarse-tooth drywall screw is wider, and the corresponding attack speed is faster. At the same time, since the structure of the wood material itself will not be damaged after tapping into the wood, it is more suitable for the installation of wooden keels than the double-thread fine-tooth drywall screw.

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Material Carbon steel 1022 hardened
Surface Black Phosphate
Length 13mm-75mm
Pointed tail
Packing Bag/box

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1. Do you provide free samples?

We can provide samples for free, but do not support paying for shipping.

2. How long is your delivery time?

30 days after payment.

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we are factory.

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Can be packed in pallets or wooden boxes according to customer requirements.

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