Stud bolts

Stud bolts

    Short Introduction:

    The stud bolts are used to connect the fixed link function of the machine and have threads at both ends. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, hanging towers, long-span steel structures and large buildings.

  • Size: M3-M52
  • Length: 25mm-500mm
  • Product label: Flat head self-drilling screws, Countersunk head self-drilling screws, Csk head self-drilling screws, Self-drilling screws, Countersunk head drill screws, Flat head drill screws
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Product Description

Stud, also known as double-ended screw or double-ended stud. It is used to connect the fixed link function of the machine. The stud bolt has threads at both ends, and the screw in the middle is thick or thin. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, pendant towers, long-span steel structures and large buildings.

Bolts refer specifically to screws with larger diameters and may also have no heads, such as stud bolts. In general, it is not called a “stud bolt” but a “stud stud”. The most common form of stud is threaded at both ends and a polished rod in the middle. The most typical use: anchor bolts, or places similar to anchor bolts, thicker connections, when ordinary bolts cannot be used.


1.When the main body is large equipment, accessories need to be installed, such as sight glass, mechanical seal seat, deceleration frame, etc. At this time, a stud bolt is used, one end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is equipped with a nut after the accessory is installed. Since the accessory is often disassembled, the thread will be worn or damaged, and it is very convenient to use the stud bolt to replace.

2.When the thickness of the connecting body is very large and the bolt length is very long, stud bolts will be used.

3. It is used to connect thick plates and places where it is inconvenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as concrete roof trusses, roof beam suspension monorail beam suspension parts, etc.

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Product parameters

Product Name Stud Bolts
Size M3-M52
Length 25-5000mm or as needed
Grade 4.8 8.8 10.9
Material steel Steel/35k/45/40Cr/35Crmo/stainless steel
Surface Black, galvanized
Standard DIN
Sample Free sample

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